Friday, June 19, 2009

Useful Website

Parents, try this website for reading comprehension:


Parents, please sign, date, and return the contract that was sent home today! Thanks! Mrs. Moore

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

Parents, my classroom rules are simple and to the point. If you child abides by these rules, all should be well:)

1. Respect everyone.
2. Listen carefully.
3. Work hard every single day.
4. Try your best.


Parents, please remember that the plastic folders need to be sent back daily. This is how I keep your child organized; making sure they bring things back or signed. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brown Bag Book Report


One of the first activities I like to do at the beginning of the year, is the "Brown Bag Book Report".

During the first week of school, I will read several books during Read Aloud. I will place these books on the board. At the end of the week I will review the books and tell students that they are to gather items from their home that will help them retell one of the stories that they have heard this week. I will show them an example I have created from the book, "Where the Wild Things Are". I have several items in my brown bag that I will place on my lap and then use them to retell the story.

Students are all given a Brown Bag to take home on Friday. On Monday, students will give their "book reports". I love this activity and students I have had in the past do also.